Mother and SOn
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Personalize a Scenic SettingPersonalize with Photos and Elements!

Realistic. Serene. Comforting.
You are sure to find the perfect scene for your loved one in our selection of over 100 of the most popular full scene laser etchings. Choose from a variety of nature, religious, military and other sentimental scenes that express the life of a loved one. Simply add names and dates to create a beautiful and unique memorial.

Add a Personal Touch
Our laser-ready Scenic Setting are not only beautiful
as stand-alone artwork on a monument, but are also
a great starting point for creating a one-of-a-kind memorial that incorporates a pre-made scene along
with other elements or family photos of your choice. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to laser etching, and our artists can make magic happen. You will love the look of your finished monument when choosing an Endless Affection Scenic Setting. keep in mind that Scenic Settings are not limited to your standard Serp Top, they can be arranged to fit on just about any monument, such as our Legacy Memorials.

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